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New branding identity for Andrei Vuia

I’m delighted to introduce a new identity my brand, Andrei Vuia.

I feel that now I am represented through my work. The photographs I take manage to speak in a manner which I think suits the idea I’m bringing forth, an idea of subtlety, of emotion in its most vivid state.

The look I’ve chosen for my brand, the design of the logo as well as the choice of colour is minimal. The colour palette was also carefully chosen in order to translate my feelings as a photographer. I think that desaturation in imagery has the power to turn literally everything into a memory. Thus, the images remain eternal, allowing you to store them in albums you can browse through, time and time again.

User interaction and communication via my new website takes place easily, information is effective and short and the images speak for themselves. I hope that these elements, so carefully chosen, will give you the drive to come work with me. I’d be happy to.